About Us

Tree of Life Congregation was founded in the early part of 1999 as a Messianic Jewish Congregation. Our first service was held on 27 Shevat 5759/Feb. 13, 1999. Because we are a Messianic Jewish Congregation, we have embraced five primary objectives. These are in essence a Statement of our Purpose.

1. To propogate the Besuras HaGeulah (Good News/Gospel) of the Kingdom of G-D in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), to the Jew especially, but equally to the non-Jew as outlined in Romans 1:16.

2. To foster the spiritual growth and discipleship of the congregants and their children, while providing opportunities for fellowship among like~minded believers. 

3. To teach the Scriptural and historical foundations of faith in Yeshua, and to worship Him in a cultural context as the long awaited, promised Messiah of Yisra'el.

4. To bring tikkun (restoration) to the Jewishness of the Besuras HaGeulah (Good News/Gospel), and teach the same to all who make inquiry.

5. To build bridges of reconciliation and education between the Church and the Jewish People. Our identity is secured through Messiah, accompanied by a return to our Jewish roots, our culture and our receiving of the Ruach HaKodesh (G-d"s Spirit of Holiness) as outlined in Acts chapter 2. Being renewed daily with G-d's Spirit of Holiness, is the only way that we are able to accomplish the tasks that He has set before us. Ephesians 5:18~19

In an effort to promote these objectives, we pattern our worship services and our educational programs accordingly.

Because we are a Messianic Jewish Congregation, we do not adhere to or promote doctrines and theologies that deviate from Messianic Judaism ( i.e. British Israelism, Two House, Two Covenant, Sacred Name, Karaite, Hebrew Roots and all Replacement Type Theologies). Adherance to these types of doctrines/theologies, whether in whole or in part, runs counter to our set goals and objectives, and as a result, we expect our visitors as well as our constituency to honor and respect our worship patterns and objectives as stated. If you feel led to be a part of the above mentioned doctrines and or theologies that deviate from Messianic Judaism, we are content with that, but it is not who we are. In saying this, we do understand that G-d is stirring the spirits of many people today, but we recommend that you find a place of worship that is more suited to your convictions. 

And...."In the For What It's Worth Department"

In an article written by a Jewish Believer in Yisra'el, he makes an important statement, he says that perhaps in our attempt to win the world to the Messiah, we ourselves have, instead, become defiled and infected by the ways of the world. The concepts of holiness and sanctification have become diluted, and G-d's grace has become a simplistic means for ignoring sin. 

Too many congregations have become places of entertainment and group therapy with focus on self, rather than houses of prayer, worship, the study of Scripture, and devotion to G-d. It's all too often that believers assimilate themselves into the worlds standards, soon to find that they are incapable of stopping the power of its effect in their lives.

On the other hand, many believers try to take the things of the world and try to mold or fashion them such that they can somehow become tangible elements that soon dictate their lives. Then there are spiritual leaders who are attempting to build successful ministries, based on imitating large corporate businesses, and as a result they capitalize on grand disillusionment. We must remember that there is no joining of the worlds standards to G-d's standards.