We desire to be co-workers with G-d in establishing the resurgence of Messianic Judaism. We want to provide and maintain a secure place of worship, learning and congregational life for Jew and Gentile within the context of Messianic Judaism. In doing so, this affords the opportunity for Jew and Gentile who have a shared vision for Israel and for Jewish revival to bring the life giving Good News of Yeshua to the world.


Unity: Provide unity for the community through united leadership.

Prayer: Provide prayer opportunities to address physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Provide a means of community involved prayer requests via prayer groups or email.

Worship: Provide the opportunity to worship Adonai through songs of praise, thanksgiving, and liturgical elements in a Jewish cultural context, reflecting Messianic Jewish values, traditions and rituals.

Education: Provide for spiritual maturing through Torah studies, discipleship classes, Hebrew language classes, Biblical lifestyle instruction, children's education, Bar/Bat Mitzvah instruction, Davidic Worship and Messianic music instruction.

G-d’s Word: Provide the truths of G-ds Word by means of the various teachings, our website, and approved guest speakers/writers.

Gospel: Provide the message of Yeshua’s redemption to all who inquire, reflecting in it all of our teachings, and activities.

Fellowship: Provide and encourage opportunity for community relationships to develop and grow strong. Encourage identifying and applying spiritual giftings.

Benevolence: Provide the means to meet the urgent needs of the community.

Charity: Provide a percentage of our financial intake and distribute it to other various ministries as approved by the board.

To Stand: with Israel, and provide support for Israel in prayer and provision, and to help bridge the 2000 year gap between the Jewish people and the Church.

What We Believe

The root of the human dilemma is rebellion against ADONAI (L-RD). Our disobedience has separated us from G-D and thus from a truly abundant life. Yesha'yahu (Isaiah) 59:1-2 states: "ADONAI'S arm is not too short to save, nor is His ear too dull to hear. Rather, it is your own crimes that separate you from your G-D; your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He doesn't hear." CJB 

Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) 7:20 reiterates a similar expression: "For there isn't a righteous person on earth who does [only] good and never sins." CJB

Yeshua bore the penalty for our violation of G-D'S Torah (instruction). In so doing, He fulfilled the prophecies of a sin~bearing Messiah. In the words of Yesha'yahu (Isaiah) 53:4-6 we read: "In fact, it was our diseases  He bore, our pains from which He suffered; yet we regarded Him as punished, striken and afflicted by G-D. But He was wounded because of our crimes (sins of rebellion), crushed because of our sins (iniquities); the disciplining that makes us whole fell on Him, and by His bruises (and in fellowship with Him) we are healed. We all, like sheep, went astray; we turned, each one, to his own way; yet ADONAI laid on Him the guilt of all of us." CJB 

By entering into the B'rit Chadashah (reNewed Covenant) through and in union with Yeshua the Messiah, both Jew and Gentile have now become reconciled to G-D and are growing into a holy temple, a spiritual dwelling place for G-D, with the promise of eternal life.Yochanan(John) 3:16; Eph. 2:11-22; Romans 3

There remains then, a continuing call upon those born Jewish, who discover Messiah Yeshua, to grow in their Jewish identity. In the same way, for those Gentiles who are grafted into the rich root of the olive tree, through their acceptance of Messiah Yeshua, have a similar desire to grow in the knowledge of the Jewish root of their new found faith. Along with this comes a stern warning to the wild branches (Gentiles), to not become arrogant or boastful towards the natural branches (Yisra'el). Romans 11:1-24

The previous Covenants that G-D made with Yisra'el (e.g. Avrahamic and Mosaic) have not been abolished by Yeshua, but are in the process of being filled to their full and greatest understanding, leading to a path of completion only when "heaven and earth pass away." Z'kharyah (Zechariah) 8:23;  Mattityahu 5:17-20; I Corinthians 7:17-20