Who We Are

Adat Eytz Chayim was founded in the early part of 1999 as a Messianic Jewish Congregation. Our first service was held on 27 Shevat 5759/February 13, 1999. At Adat Eytz Chayim, you will find believers in Yeshua (Jesus) who have a love for G-d and each other. Our desire is a community where everyone feels welcome and comfortable!

We are a congregation of Jewish and non-Jewish people who believe that Yeshua is the Son of G-d, the long-awaited Messiah of Israel. At Adat Eytz Chayim, all who identify with our values will find dynamic relationships, intellectual stimulation, vitality, acceptance, spiritual growth and delight in a Yeshua-centered place.

We worship in the context of Messianic Judaism. As such, some aspects of our service may be spontaneous, such as the clapping of hands to songs or Davidic Dance. Other aspects are more structured and formal in nature, reflecting the traditional synagogue service. Come pay us a visit!