Board of Zekanim (Elders), Shammashim (Deacons), and Directors

Adat Eytz Chayim has a constitution and by-laws. We are also registered as a non~profit corporation 501(c)3 with the State of Michigan. We have a Board of Directors, Elders and Deacons operating in the capacity of administrative and or teaching ministries. The Board of Elders meets on a monthly basis for the purpose of conducting congregational business, set policy, review present ministries, seek out other potential ministries and appoint officers and leaders as need.

The Board of Elders has the Scriptural and legal authority to set congregational policy and rule on doctrinal issues. New Elders can be nominated and added to the board by the current Board of Directors as Scripture dictates. Acts 14:23; I Tim. 3:1-6; and Titus 1:5-9

The Board of Elders can and does frequently delegate authority to committees and individuals in order to accomplish our objectives as stated previously. These committees and individuals operate as an extension of the board and therefore, are required to coordinate their activities with the board on a regular basis. Our current Board of Directors consists of men who hold the following positions: