Annual Torah Cycle

In the observance of the annual cycle of Torah Reading, each week is assigned its own portion of Scripture, or what we refer to as a Parashah.  This year, 5780,  began on 1 Tishrei or October 1, 2019. There are 54 Parshiyot (Parashah plural), one for each week of a leap year, so that in the course of one year, we complete the entire Torah from B'resheet to D'varim (Genesis to Deuteronomy). A leap-year adds an additional 4 weeks (one month) to the usual 12 months, and we refer to this month as: ADAR II. During non-leap years (regular), there are 50 weeks, as a result some of the shorter Parshiyot are doubled up.

The weeks of Pesach (Passover) and Sukkot have different Torah portions assigned to them, so on leap years that leaves 52 weeks to accomplish 54 Parshiyot. This is achieved by doubling up 2 portions, and for non-leap years there remain 48 weeks to accomplish 54 Parshiyot and this is achieved by having 6 double Parshiyot.

This Week's Parashah


Torah: Shemot(Exodus) 13:17-17:16

haftara: Shoftim(Judges) 4:4-5:31

Brit Chadashah: Matthew 14:22-33


Portion Summary

The sixteenth reading from the Torah is named Beshalach (בשלח), which means "When he sent." The title comes from the first verse of the reading, which can be literally translated to say, "And it happened when Pharaoh sent out the people." The reading tells the adventures of the Israelites as they leave Egypt, cross the Red Sea, receive miraculous provision in the wilderness and face their first battle.


Portion Outline

    • Torah
      • Exodus 13:17 | The Pillars of Cloud and Fire
      • Exodus 14:1 | Crossing the Red Sea
      • Exodus 14:26 | The Pursuers Drowned
      • Exodus 15:1 | The Song of Moses
      • Exodus 15:20 | The Song of Miriam
      • Exodus 15:22 | Bitter Water Made Sweet
      • Exodus 16:1 | Bread from Heaven
      • Exodus 17:1 | Water from the Rock
      • Exodus 17:8 | Amalek Attacks Israel and Is Defeated
    • Prophets
      • Jdg 4:1 | Deborah and Barak
      • Jdg 5:1 | The Song of Deborah
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